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PThe Sky Pavilion is “Entertainment Central” at the Park. Interactive Christmas Shows, the Elves Dance Party, Storytelling by Santa, meet the Santa’s Village Characters, Captain Tall Tales Dance Party and so much more!

meet the characters

Many thousands of years ago, there lived a man called Nicholas who spent most of his life giving of his wealth to those in need. Most of his donations were given in secret and the recipients were never to know who had been so kind to them. Stories of Saint Nicholas spread far and wide and reached the homes of the Elves. The wise Elves decided that they should carry on the good work of Saint Nicholas. The wise Elves met a toymaker who was also named Nicholas who very much embodied the spirit of Saint Nicholas. This toymaker was already busy delivering surprise gifts to children. The Elves called him Saint Nick.

The Elves of the Northwoods wondered how they could help him deliver to as many children as possible in one night. They suggested he call on the magic reindeer of the Northwoods forest. The reindeer embraced the idea and suggested a sleigh which they would pull as they flew him magically around the earth. The chimney was decided as a great secret way to bring gifts in to the homes. Many people left their socks drying over the fireplace and Santa Claus loved to pop special treats in the socks to surprise all the next day.

The stories of Saint Nick soon spread around the world. Families told stories of the “Jolly Old Elf” – a book was written about him called “The Night Before Christmas” and children wondered at the tales of his flying reindeer. Many different countries gave this secret gift giver different names and loved to share tales of his gift giving. He soon became known by many as Santa Claus. Children from all across the world started to send him letters. Many left them in the chimney for Santa to find.

Santa and his Elves realized that they would need to start early every year, making toys and learning about the latest trends and technology to be able to keep up with all the wishes and letters from across the world. The workshop Elves began work alongside the research Elves. Everyone was busy all year long at Santa’s Village.

Santa met and married a lovely artisan named Holly. She was known for her generosity to those in need. Her kind spirit was evident to all who met her. She became know as Mrs. Claus. She loves to prepare milk and cookies for the Elves and tell them stories. She enjoys creating beauty out of everything she sees. She sometimes helps the Elves make creative items out of objects they find in the forest. She asked Santa if she could create some craft workshops at the Village to teach the children how to make decorations and crafts. Santa loved the idea and even suggested that she and the Elves have fun helping the children decorate their letters to Santa. She loves to help in the bakery and oversees the Gingerbread Bakers. She sometimes holds special cookie decorating classes. The Elves love her as much as they love Santa.
Santa was walking in the woods at the North Pole when he spotted a magnificent white dog. The dog ran over to Santa and greeted him with a wolfish grin. Santa immediately fell in love with this beautiful dog and came to call him Arrow. Santa and Arrow quickly became best friends and Arrow returned to Santa’s Village with Santa. On the Big Night (Christmas Eve), Arrow helps Santa by retrieving his Magic Key (which allows him to enter homes that have no chimney) from the Rainbow Cave where Sasha the Singing Spider guards it year-round. Adventures always ensue with Arrow and his Woodland Friends.
Santa’s chief Elf advisor and the SleighMaster. He helps Santa keep his sleigh in tip to shape. He is very intelligent and enjoys sharing all about Santa’s Village and the Northwoods. He is also an expert weather predictor. He helps Santa with the weather patterns on the Big Night. Wilbur often gets his weather tips from the reindeer as they can sense when the weather is about to change. Wilbur is an expert in all things reindeer; their particular talents and personalities. He loves to tell the Good Girls and Boys stories about his Reindeer Friends.
Coldwyn is an Elf but he is very proud of his job as the Village Cryer. He announces everything from performances to character experiences and informs guests about what delicious Good Eats they can find in the Village.
Princess Sugar is the daughter of the King and Queens of Sweets. She is of the Elf Royal Family. She is very gentle and kind. She helps her parents make Christmas special every year. She has a secret crush on Wilbur Weatherforce who is Santa’s Number One Elf.

Captain Tall Tale, the 8’3″ Adventurer who became tall by eating a magic bean, has been personally invited by Santa Claus to not only enjoy the adventures at SkyPark at Santa’s Village but to help decorate all the high places in the Park that the Elves can’t reach.

While staying at SkyPark, Captain Tall Tale is testing out all the fun adventures the park has to offer like the Silver Bells Skating Pond and his favorite The Magic Tree Bouldering Room!

To help make spirits bright Captain Tall Tale has an awesome dance party where he teaches his world famous Victory Dance, held at The Sky Pavilion where everyone from child to adult is invited to Jump Rope, Hula Hoop, and of course dance!

During your visit make sure get a HIGH five or a FOOT five from the Captain.

The Evergreen Princess was born to the King and Queen of the Northwoods. She is from the Elf Royal Family. She is a kind, gentle girl who always protects the forest and its woodland creatures. She is stubborn and strong and very athletic. She takes care of the Christmas Tree Forest for Santa and his reindeer. She is responsible for making sure everyone understands the importance of protecting and preserving our forest lands.
CJ Kufflebug is one of Santa’s Elves. She is our village storyteller and she comes from an Elf family with a very long presence in the magical Northwoods.  She’s been in these parts since the Kuffel family homesteaded the land in the 1800s. She knows a lot about the trees in our forest and the animals who live among them. When CJ isn’t helping Santa in Christmas Tree Forest, she’s gleefully guiding storytime adventures.  Nothing makes her spirits brighter than bringing stories alive in other people’s imaginations.

CJ knows lots of tricks for staying warm in wintery weather, too.

Her favorite attraction at Skypark at Santa’s Village – besides the tees of course, is the Magic Tree Bouldering Room.

When she touches our magical north pole, her eyes open huge, she blinks with a big smile and then grows half a centimeter – every time!

These are Mrs. Claus’ head bakers. They keep everyone happy by baking the most delicious treats and goodies for Santa and his visitors. They also love to decorate cookies and sing while they work.
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