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WSkyPark Weddings One of the happiest days of your life should obviously also be one of the most memorable. Imagine if you will; You and your friends and family are gathered in an enchanting Alpine setting; a gentle breeze drifts through Dogwood and Aspen trees while old growth Pine, Cedar and Fir sway up high. The earthy bouquet of the forest fills the air as the sound of a gentle mountain stream cascading down stirring waterfalls intertwined with birdsong, fills you with pure, speechless joy.

If you can imagine this, we can make it happen for you.

Coming this Summer.

*For more information please contact us at: and watch for the SkyPark Weddings website coming very soon!

Guest Must Be
  • Everyone
Safety Equipment
  • None
Age of Interest
  • Everyone
Park Map
SkyPark at Santa's Village - Village Map