The ancient tradition of archery is one that commands respect and takes time and discipline to master. Princess Evergreen is known throughout the Kingdom of the Northwoods as a skilled archer. Her bow, called Holifrost, is her weapon of choice for thwarting the plans of her nemesis Jack Frost.
Our trained Adventure Crew will give you a basic lesson on the physical aspects of archery. With your precise aim and fierce arm, you too might prove to be a fierce hunter or warrior and worthy of being Knighted by the King of the Northwoods.

*Closed toe shoes required.

Guest Must Be
  • 6 Years of Age and Older
Safety Equipment
  • Armguards¬†(Provided)
  • Finger Tabs (Provided)
Age of Interest
  • 6 Years of Age and Older
Park Map
SkyPark at Santa

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