Winter is a wonderful time up here in Lake Arrowhead. It’s hard to ignore the holiday spirit when you practically live in a winter wonderland! We always want to imagine the holidays to be a time where we can gather around a fireplace with a warm drink in our hands, buried underneath a mountain of blankets. The number of times we get to experience that warm feeling vs. the number of times we are out shopping amongst crowds is unsettling. Let’s face it… It can be difficult to enjoy this beautiful time when we’re constantly stressing over what to buy our loved ones for Christmas. Then comes the stress of actually going out and buying it!

It is no doubt that we live in a material world. What once was a holiday that celebrated families and friends coming together, has now turned into a competition of who can buy the biggest and best gift. All of this goes to waste when the next month rolls around with the release of a new phone, watch, tablet, etc., and we forget about all the material things we were so lucky to have received just a few weeks or months earlier.

Shopping on the Mountain

As for the local Lake Arrowhead community, who wants to plan an entire day driving down to the malls to get caught in the cross traffic of all the other holiday shoppers? Or even worse, the crowds that consume an entire shopping plaza? It seems like each year the crowds around malls and department stores only get more aggressive, to the point where it isn’t even worth leaving the house. So we choose to online shop…until things get lost or broken in the mail and we just end up driving to the store anyway to return it. This is just proof that buying things only causes more stress. That’s why so many families have chosen to invest in life experiences that they can all enjoy together.

Frozen Falls Climbing Tower

Research Proves Experiences Sell Better than Things

Research shows that buying into experiences can be much more fulfilling than buying material objects. After all, the memories from a great experience will last a lifetime. Think back to when you were a child, can you remember or describe any of the toys you got for the holidays? Probably not. However, surely you can still remember your family road trip from that year. Perhaps the times you went to Santa’s Village as a family. Maybe even the time your parents surprised you and picked you up from school early to go on an adventure. It might have been years ago but you still remember it more than you remember that one toy in the sea of toys you received, right?

So why not do something differently this year? Give the ultimate gift of adventure while promoting camaraderie among your family. Isn’t that what the holidays are meant to do? SkyPark is offering families a chance to gift the experience of an outdoor adventure park where individuals of all ages can participate in activities that suit them all year long.

Strider Balance Bike Trail

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About SkyPark at Santa’s Village

Closely located to Lake Arrowhead, we are located in SkyForest, CA on California Highway 18. We have restored each of the original 18 buildings from the iconic Santa’s Village.  Every November the Park is filled with extravagant Christmas decor. Guests from all over the globe arrive to celebrate this Nostalgic Christmas in the Woods. We have wonderful holiday entertainment every day. You will feel the magic of Christmas again when you visit during the holidays!