Clinics with Pro Kevin Aiello - SkyPark Bike Park
Clinics with Pro Kevin Aiello Braking, Cornering and Jumping - SkyPark BikePark

Breaking, Cornering and Jumping (Maximum 8 Tickets)
The first hour will be spent on bike setup, proper warm up and stretch, then a warm up lap on the hill. After everybody is feeling warm, and we discussed a few crucial bike skills, we will head up the hill to do a “Practice run” to put these new skills to use on the bike. After we feel those new skills on the bike, we will break down sections of the trail to really put those new skills to work in each individual department. (braking, cornering, then jumping). Once each rider has felt his or her new correct body position, we will do a lap to feel the new skills at work. The day will wrap up with a fun run, cool down, and debriefing on how to take these out to the trail and have the ability to execute whenever you want!

Saturday, May 25 – 11 am – 3 pm

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Guest Must Be
  • See individual clinics for experience requirements
Safety Equipment
  • Closed toe shoes
  • Helmet
  • Handbrakes for each axle on Blue Trails+
Age of Interest
  • Everyone
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