The beauty of the Lake Arrowhead mountains is that you can enjoy all four seasons at their finest in one place. We’ve shared a few of our favorite things to do during Winter in the area and now we’d like to share with you some of our favorite Spring activities. Springtime in Lake Arrowhead is one of the best times to visit. The leftover snow from Winter is slowly melting as the bright sun shines through the trees. You get the best of both worlds, as you can breathe in the fresh air that comes with the changing of the seasons.

SkyPark Santa’s Village

Bike Park - Lake Arrowhead Mountain Biking - SkyPark at Santa's Village

Of course the very first thing you should do is visit SkyPark at Santa’s Village, your favorite outdoor adventure park! SkyPark is a wonderful place to be during Spring. Most of our attractions are outside among the beautiful mountain scenery. This means you can take in the sunny views while you’re ziplining through the trees, breathing in the beautiful mountain air. Or you can hike up to our Top Of The World trail and take in the views of the whole world! (Okay, maybe not the whole world, but it’s a pretty great view). Or you can FEEL on top of the world when you get to the top of our rock climbing wall! We’ll also have a lot of entertaining events going on in the Springtime. Keep a lookout for our Family Forest Festival in April!

Picnic at Heart Rock

Spring is the most popular time to visit Heart Rock near Crestline, CA. Part of Seeley Creek Falls lies a short one-mile hiking trail to a rock formation shaped just like a heart. Spring is a wonderful time to walk the trail to the rock as the creek’s waterfall flows. Since the rock is shaped exactly like a heart, think of taking a date up to the trail and having a small picnic! (You can thank us when you book your wedding at SkyPark Weddings)

Antique Shopping

In case the Sky Trading Company doesn’t have exactly what you’re looking for, or you just discover how much you love shopping on the mountain, there’s plenty more in the surrounding towns! Vintage shops in Skyforest, Cedar Glen, and Crestline are some of Lake Arrowhead’s best-hidden gems. These hip stores offer everything from vintage clothing, homemade candles and soaps, beautiful botanicals, and more. Take a look at one of our favorites, Road Trip, below!


Lake Arrowhead Village

Here for the weekend and looking for something to do the day after your visit to SkyPark? The Lake Arrowhead Village is a wonderful place to visit during Spring. If you’re looking to take a leisurely stroll with lake views, this is the place! There are a few shops and bites to eat and a small park for picnicking.

Late Night Eats

The food here at SkyPark will have you satisfied until you’re dreaming… or until dinner. If you’re hungry for a meal after the Park closes at 5 pm, there are plenty of other options right around the corner! The Lakefront Tap Room Bar and Kitchen in the Lake Arrowhead Village offers an outdoor patio with great views. Their food and beer selection paired with a view of the lake is a dining experience you’ll never forget.

About SkyPark at Santa’s Village

SkyPark at Santa’s Village is an outdoor adventure park located in the San Bernardino National Forest. Located right on the Rim of The World Highway (CA-18) in Skyforest, CA, this Park is surrounded by beauty and nature. SkyPark offers guests of all ages an experience that gets them outside and among nature. Such experiences include ziplining, rock climbing, archery, indoor bouldering, a bike park with beginner and intermediate trails, and more! Beginning in  November, we like to reintroduce what brought us here in the first place, and that is the iconic Santa’s Village. During the holiday season, guests can enjoy entertainment and meet and greets with the Northwoods Characters, Santa, and Mrs. Claus. Guests can enjoy the attractions throughout the year.