We’ve had an incredible year at SkyPark Santa’s Village. 2017 has been a year that filled SkyPark at Santa’s Village with many memorable moments. Since our remodeled opening last December, we have added many attractions that promote fun for all ages. Some added attractions include the Serrano Archery Range, Frozen Falls Climbing Tower, Blitzen’s Bungee, and the Discovery Playscape. We want to thank everyone for their support and for the memories they’ve shared with us throughout the year. Here are our top ten memorable moments of the year:

1. Opening Day

Santa's House - Lake Arrowhead Christmas - SkyPark at Santa's Village

November 9th, 2017 marked the beginning of our holiday season. On Opening Day, over 1500 people from all of California traveled to Lake Arrowhead to witness the return of the legendary Santa’s Village. Some guests returned for a Nostalgic Christmas in the Woods whereas others arrived to experience the Christmas spirited park for the very first time.

2. SkyPark Bike Park Opens

In October of this year, the Park opened up nine miles of trails for mountain bikers of all skill levels. This gesture was long anticipated by mountain bikers all over the world! We instantly received recognition from multiple outlets ranging from the UK to Australia, and even right here in California! Our Bike Park is open all year, however, some trails may be subject to closure due to weather conditions. Stay up to date on our bike park by following our Facebook and Instagram pages.

3. Away We GoPro!

The growing popularity of SkyPark Bike Park is a continuous moment of glory for us. With that being said, when GoPro filmed their holiday edit at the Bike Park with pro riders Brian Lopes and Richie Schley, it became a memorable moment that we can now share with everyone around the world. In this epic video shot 100% with GoPro cameras, Santa and his reindeer practice their formation for The Big Night (Christmas Eve) on our trails!

4. Blue Jay Jazz Festival

Blue Jay Jazz Festival - The King Bros.

The Blue Jay Jazz Festival is an annual summer concert series set in the beautiful San Bernardino Mountains. This year, the three part concert series was hosted at SkyPark at Santa’s Village. Our Village set the perfect scenery for internationally recognized blues, soul and funk artists. The concert took place on three consecutive Thursdays in August and proved to be a huge success!

5. Weddings!

SkyPark Weddings - Wedding Venues in Lake Arrowhead - SkyPark at Santa's Village

One of our biggest goals is to revive memories and create new ones. This year, we accomplished that by opening a wedding venue that you can check out right HERE. We are proud to have hosted many days and nights that marked the beginning of beautiful lives for some beloved couples in our charming venue nestled deeply into the forest.

6. Special Experiences with Santa & Mrs. Claus

What would the iconic Santa’s Village be without special holiday experiences? Just another holiday-themed park! No thank you. We try our hardest to offer as many cool experiences to guests as possible. This year, we added the option of Breakfast with Santa and Tea with Mrs. Claus. These add-ons allow you to spend extra time with your favorite gift-giving duo! Enjoy a fun-filled, wholehearted breakfast party with Santa and his Elf family in his very own private dining room or join Mrs. Claus for high tea and treats during a holiday-themed tea party.

7. The Time Santa Ziplined Through The Forest 


Earlier this year we opened one of our biggest attractions, an exhilarating 30-foot high zipline traveling through 600’ of the forest! Santa was so excited to hear about it that he took a small break from his house and zipped through the woods. Guests all over the park looked up in awe at Santa soaring above them. They’ve also spoken very highly of our zipline, saying that once you exit off, you only want to run back and zipline again!

8. StarBright Benefit Concert

2017 was a year full of fun at SkyPark Santa’s Village. However, it was a tough one as well. When we found out that a fellow villager, Sarai Kaiser, was diagnosed with Leukemia, the Park banded together and put on a benefit concert to raise funds and hope for Sarai. What started as a distressful situation soon turned into an entire community coming together to support a beloved member of the community. Guests from all over came to the Park to enjoy a night full of rocking bands, ice skating under the stars, and a full pub. Read all about it here.

9. Tunes in the Trees

2017 brought in a lot of great musical events to the Park, as you can see above. In addition to the historical Blue Jay Jazz Festival and our very own benefit concert, the Park also held a summer concert series entitled Tunes in the Trees. As it sounds, the concert series was a weekly Friday night concert among the trees. Just outside of St. Nicks’ Patio & Grill, guests enjoyed yummy food, craft beers, wine, and cocktails under the stars. Be sure to check out our calendar of events for Tunes in the Trees 2018 from April to October. 

10. Ice Skating Santa

Guests quickly found that coming to the Park mid-week often meant you got to have some fun and un-ordinary moments with Santa. Yes, we already listed mentioned Santa ziplining 30 feet above the forest ground, but there was another iconic Santa moment that occurred this season. Remember that time Santa started ice skating on the rink Michelle Kwan style? Well, here’s a video to jog your memory.

About SkyPark at Santa’s Village

Settled deep in the gorgeous Lake Arrowhead area, we are located in Skyforest, CA on California Highway 18. What once was an iconic Christmas park has now been renovated into an outdoor adventure park full of attractions, such as ziplining, mountain biking, archery, rock climbing, bouldering, and more! We have restored each of the original 18 buildings from the original Santa’s Village. Every November, guests from all over get to celebrate an extravagant Christmas Wonderland with Santa and the Northwoods Characters. We have had a great year full of exciting new attractions and we have a lot in store for 2018, so stay up to date with us by following our social media pages!