Live life like a local with SkyPark’s LifeStyle Membership. For $109, guests can obtain a membership that allows them to enter the Park for the entire year to enjoy our delicious food and drinks, amazing scenery, and stylish stores. This membership is perfect for guests who are looking to enjoy the Park without partaking in any attractions.

Be a Part of the SkyPark LifeStyle

The Lunch Box Lake Arrowhead Restaurants - SkyPark at Santa's Village

With this membership, guests may enter the park without purchasing a Day Pass. Although LifeStyle Members do not have access to attractions, they can enjoy all events and entertainment that takes place in the Park. This includes Tunes in the Trees, Pumpkins in the Pines, all character entertainment, and more!

Park Prices

This membership does not include any attractions. If guests decide that they would like to participate in attractions, they can purchase a day pass or upgrade their LifeStyle Membership to an Annual Pass. Our Day Passes are currently priced at $42 for adults and $32 for children and seniors online. If guests choose to purchase passes at the door, tickets are $45 for adults and $35 for children and seniors. Admission is free for children ages 3 and under and for seniors ages 75 and over. Annual Passes are currently priced at $259 and include free parking as well. For those who already have an annual pass but would like to renew their pass once it expires, the price for a renewal is $149, which includes attractions. However, guests must purchase their renewal pass on or before the date it expires.

SkyPark LifeStyle Membership Perks

What other perks will LifeStyle members get? With a LifeStyle Membership, you won’t ever have to pay for parking. If your sole purpose for entering the Park one day is to stroll down Candy Cane Lane and window shop through the Sky Trading Company, you can do so at no cost! LifeStyle members will also receive 10% off of all food, beverages, and even retail from any one of our stores. So with this membership, guests may enter the park without purchasing a day pass, park for free, and get 10% off retail, food, and drinks. This is the deal you’ve been waiting for, so purchase your SkyPark LifeStyle Membership today!

St. Nick's Patio & Grille - Lake Arrowhead Restaurants - SkyPark at Santa's Village

About SkyPark at Santa’s Village

SkyPark at Santa’s Village is an outdoor adventure park located on the scenic Highway 18 near Lake Arrowhead and Big Bear. SkyPark offers attractions that get guests up and moving. We offer highly acclaimed restaurants for guests to dine in that are set among the beautiful San Bernardino Mountains. During November and December, the Park’s 18 renovated buildings from the original Santa’s Village are decorated. Guests can enjoy holiday entertainment and meet with the Northwoods Characters and Santa.