open: thu-sat 9am-7pm, sun 9am-6pm

The Bike Park is one of Santa’s favorite places in the Park. Keep an eye out when you’re on the trails – you never know who you might run in to!

From the leisurely Lady Bug Pond Bike tour to the challenge and thrill of a true Black Diamond Mountain Bike trail, the SkyPark Bike Park is an extensive collection of trails; each professionally designed and maintained to ready you for the next trail challenge.

We have exciting trails for every skill level!

We offer bike and equipment rentals, orientation seminars and a “Skills Area” where you can try out your new techniques.

The SkyPark Bike Park is open year round (weather permitting) and Trail Status is updated every morning (except on days we’re closed).

Access and use of the Bike Park is included with admission.

Electronic Bikes: Class 1 E-Bikes only are permitted at this time.

*Closed toe shoes required.


We offer an extensive collection of bikes and safety equipment for demo. Our bike park “Villagers” will help set you up for the perfect riding experience. Our demo fleet includes bikes from Rocky Mountain, Specialized, Santa Cruz, Haro and Intense. Kid’s Demo $29, Premium Full Suspension and/or Carbon Fiber Demo $59.

Join us every Thursday until November 8th for Demo Thursdays.  Demo any of our mountain bikes for just $15, plus the price of admission. After your ride, get a burger and a beer for just $10.


It is recommended that you perform the following safety check of your bicycle before each ride at the bike park.

  1. Check that your helmet fits properly and is not damaged.
  2. Inspect the bike frame for cracks, damaged or dented areas.
  3. Ensure you have sufficient brake pads to stop your bike while descending.
  4. Front and rear axles should be tight.
  5. Headset and stem must be secure with no looseness or play.
  6. Check that tires are in good condition with no tears or cuts on the rolling surface or sidewall.
  7. Handlebar and handle grips must be tight and unable to spin.
  8. Seat and seat post need to be fastened securely.


The SkyPark Mountain Bike Trail System is an extensive set of professionally designed bike trails that traverse through dense Alpine forest, natural jumps, wall rides, ladder bridges and obstacles.

Each trail at the bike park is specifically designed to prepare you for the next, slightly more challenging trail. And don’t forget, there’s always an “Easy Way Out” if you’re not confident at any particular point. As a result, you will gain confidence and ability as a rider. Trails are maintained and groomed daily.

Trail Map
Guest Must Be
  • Green Line: No Restrictions
  • Blue Lines: 5 Years of Age and Older
  • Black Lines: 10 Years of Age and Older
Safety Equipment
  • Helmet (Required)
  • Body Armor, Pads, Goggles & Gloves (Highly Recommended)
SkyPark Bike Park Trail Progression Chart


SkyPark Bike Park Beginner Trail Logo

green lines

Beginning Riders

a great place to start

Green Line Paths and Trails are primarily for Beginners and are also a great place to start exploring the Bike Park.

This Green Line bike path is the best way to get started. Whether it is your first time on a bike or you have not been in a while, this is the place to go. Start on the “Meadowlands Bike Path” and connect to the “Pond Road Bike Path.” Ride alongside the ponds as you watch the fish jumping and the birds chirping. This path is the only two way path for bicycles and pedestrians. Take the “Pond Road Path” to the Kuffel Orchard for a tour or to the “Back 40” for a picnic with the family. Try renting a Buggy Bike for an exciting way to explore the Northwoods.

Trail video coming soon.

“Reindeer Return” is Green Line Trail that is located at the “Lady Bug Pond Trail Hub.” “Sleigh Ride” connects here. It is an easy way to get back to the Village and the Pedal PubAll trails are One Way.

Trail video coming soon.

The Fantasy Forest trail is the return Upline trail back to the top of the park. It is also directional but is a multipurpose trail that includes hikers. The trail is part of the overall cross country trail system for day use by both hikers and bikers. The Fantasy Forest turns into a magical interactive, illuminated walk at night. Guided by a lantern, the forest comes alive at night as it turns on thousands of lights to guide your trek through the Fantasy Forest. All trails are One Way.

Trail video coming soon.

Description coming soon.
Description coming soon.
SkyPark Bike Park Intermediate Trail Logo


Intermediate Riders

ready for the next challenge?

Blue Line Paths and Trails are designed for those ready for the next step. Challenges await and as always, each trail prepares you for the next.

This Blue Line Trail is the direct way to the “Rim of the World Trail Hub.” It is a slow ascent of approximately 300’ that traverses the mountain. All trails are One Way.

Trail video coming soon.

This Blue Line Trail will take you through the “Dark Forest” where the Dogwoods soar and the stream flows. This trail will connect you to the “Pipeline Road” that will take you back up to the “Lady Bug Pond Trail Hub.” SkyPark Skills Area is also located on the trail. All Trails are One Way.

Trail video coming soon.

This Blue Line pump style trail is by far the most fun you will have on your bike. Try this trail first and warm up for “Neverland Jumpline” or “Comet.” It’s rolls and turns will take you to the next leg of the trail, Playground or back to the “Rim of the World Upline.” All Trails are One Way.

Video courtesy of SDBIKEMAN 619
This Blue Line Trail traverses through the “Back 40” and winds you back to the “Pond Road” and the “Lady Bug Pond Trail Hub.”  Connect back to the Village by way of “Reindeer Return” or stay on the “Pond Road Bike Path.” All Trails are One Way.

Trail video coming soon.

This slow Blue Line Trail traverses alongside the mountain and takes you through the dense Northwoods Forest. Some climbing required. Check out the view while you are up there! Connect with “Comet” at the top or continue on and it will connect you back to the “Rim of the World Upline” and Trail Hub. All Trails are One Way.

Video courtesy of MTB ALAN
Playground is also known as Lower Sleigh Ride and is a flow line for intermediate and advanced riders. Playground is also a portion of the cross country track and a connector to get riders down into the Dark Forest. Playground is also directional and can be used to get riders back to Reindeer Returns for access back to the Village. All trails are One Way.

Video courtesy of Senorrobbie
SkyPark Bike Park Advanced Trail Logo

black lines

Advanced Riders

can you handle it?

Black Line Paths and Trails are for Advanced riders who’re looking for a serious challenge.

This Black Diamond climb is the quickest way back to the “Rim of the World Trail Hub.”  It is a vertical climb of approximately 300’.  Earn the Downhill! Connect with this trail at the “Lady Bug Pond Trail Hub.”  Shortcut to “Comet” and “Neverland.” All Trails are One Way.

Trail video coming soon.

This is our signature ride. There are features scattered throughout the trail. From wall rides to ladder bridges, you will be sure to have a great time! Watch for the “Easy Way Outs” if you are not confident on a feature. Check out the “55” bridge before you drop. This trail connects back to the “Rim of the World Upline” or gets you back to the Village. All trails are One Way.

Video courtesy of MTB ALAN
SkyPark Bike Park Expert Trail Logo

double black lines

Expert Riders

The Ultimate Challenge

Double Black Line Paths and Trails are designed strictly for Expert riders only.

This Double Black Diamond jumpline is for experts only. Table tops, berms, bridges, and wall rides. Check out 8×8 before you drop! The “Whales Tail” is also a feature to check out before you ride. This ride takes you back to the “Village Trail Hub” and the “Rim Upline.” All Trails are One way.

Video courtesy of MTB Blake
Comet is SkyPark’s advanced, endurance style single track. It is a single track that includes double black diamond wood features and is recommended for advanced and/or expert riders only. It starts at the top of the Upline and takes the rider to the very bottom elevation of the Park. A must try for those riders that want the “out in the woods” experience. All trails are One Way.

Trail video coming soon.


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