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The Northwoods Characters have their home at Santa’s Village, located in a small forest near Lake Arrowhead. When stories of Santa’s generosity started to spread, the residents of the Northwoods wanted to help him in his mission to spread joy. Everyone was busy all year long at Santa’s Village preparing for Christmas and creating a better home for everyone in the Northwoods. Mrs. Claus, Santa’s loving wife, bakes cookies for the Elves with the help of Snap & Crumbles, also known as the Gingerbread Bakers. They work very closely with Princess Sugar and the candy Elves, who develop new and tasty inventions for children all over the world. Celwyn and Wisdom, King and Queen of the Northwoods, protect the forest and tell magnificent stories to guests that visit the Village. They like to teach their guests about protecting the woodlands with their daughter Evi. Evi is a master hunter, ranger and protector of the Northwoods. She loves scouting the forest with Santa’s faithful pup, Arrow. Arrow is Santa’s biggest helper, along with the reindeer and his chief Elf advisor, Wilbur Weatherforce. Wilbur makes sure Santa’s sleigh is in tip top shape and trains the reindeer all year long. That’s where he learns how to predict weather patterns! One specific reindeer, Rudolph, is Santa’s most trusted. Besides guiding the herd with his bright red nose, Rudolph has the power to charge up all of the other reindeer. Rudolph loves to stroll around the Village with Twinkle the Christmas Tree and Frosty, the Village’s favorite snowman. Santa and all of his friends at Santa’s Village work very hard to spread Christmas cheer during the holiday season and love when guests visit!

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Meet the Characters as they recount stories and anecdotes about their adventures in the Northwoods on Saturdays and Sundays from 12:30pm – 2:30pm.

meet the northwoods characters

Northwoods Characters - Arrow - SkyPark at Santa's Village
Arrow the dog is the guardian of the Northwoods and Santa’s most trusted companion. Long ago, on a foggy and blustery Christmas Eve, Arrow was roaming the Northwoods when he saw a bright flash of light and a falling object from the sky. Arrow, confused, noticed a jolly laugh and the sound of bells coming from the object. Santa looked over to the puppy, excitedly climbed out of his sleigh and asked him what his name was. Arrow moved forward with caution and howled, “Arroooooooow!” And that’s how Santa learned his name was Arrow. Santa instantly fell in love with the dog and played with him for hours in the forest while he waited for Wilbur to come help him with his sleigh. Santa brought the trusted dog home to Santa’s Village. Mrs. Claus immediately fell in love with him as well. Arrow has grown to become an independent spirit who demands respect but remains the playful pup that Santa discovered in the woods. Arrow is easily the most loved creature in all of Santa’s Village, which is probably why you can find monuments of him wherever you travel in the Northwoods. No one in the Village can resist his friendly demeanor and kind little soul. He absolutely loves greeting guests and making new friends. You can find him roaming around the Northwoods with Princess Evergreen, trying to connect with as many new friends everywhere he wanders.
Northwoods Characters - Wilbur Weatherforce - SkyPark at Santa's Village
Stories of Santa’s generosity started to spread far and wide and eventually the news even reached the Elves. They wanted to help Santa in his mission to spread joy and happiness to those less fortunate. One very smart Elf in particular, Wilbur Weatherforce, who quickly proved himself and became Santa’s chief Elf advisor, suggested a wonderful idea! He thought of how great it might be to surprise children all over the world with gifts on one special night each year. Wilbur liked to call this night the “Big Night” and eventually the world knew it as Christmas Eve. Santa liked this idea so much that he asked Wilbur to recruit all the Elves as soon as he could to help him execute his plan. Santa, Wilbur and the Elves brainstormed for hours and finally an idea hit them! Wilbur decided to gather all the reindeer of the Northwoods forest to pull Santa in a sleigh through the night quickly and discretely. He knew the reindeer would be Santa’s best bet when wanting to arrive safely to each child’s home since reindeer can easily sense when the weather is going to change. Wilbur quickly became Santa’s chief Elf advisor since he was great with reindeer as well as predicting weather patterns. He played an essential role in helping Santa travel safely through the night. Wilbur makes sure Santa’s sleigh is always in tip top shape! The reindeer are some of Wilbur’s best friends. He enjoys spending time with them and is always learning new things from them. He has grown to learn their different personality traits and how they are affected when there are changes in the weather. Wilbur likes to thank the reindeer for contributing to his awesome weather prediction skills. Now, he likes to teach everyone in Santa’s Village about his reindeer friends and interesting facts about the Northwoods.
Northwoods Characters - Celwyn Claus - SkyPark at Santa's Village
Celwyn Claus, Santa’s brother and son of Lord and Lady Winter, is the Elfin King of the Northwoods. On his 21st birthday, Lord and Lady Winter announced that they would like to crown a king to look over the Northwoods. They decided that whoever could woo the heart of Princess Wisdom, who had been promised the Northwoods, would receive the title of King. Celwyn saw this as a fitting challenge because he had been in love with the princess for years. He won her heart and soon married her. Since then, Celwyn and Wisdom have looked after The Northwoods as King and Queen. Celwyn loves spending time with his family, whether he is reciting poetry to his wife or singing songs with his daughter Evi. The Elves have always known Celwyn to be a kind ruler and always carry a jolly spirit, just like his brother. The King and his family ensure that their forest home is always in tip top shape, especially when Santa invites guests to the Northwoods! Celwyn loves having guests over and always wants to keep the forest beautiful. He and the Elfin Queen are wise in the ways of forest care and believe that every creature in the forest, no matter how small, is an essential part of the eco-system. Celwyn plays a lot of other important roles in Santa’s Village. He is the Keeper of Stories for Santa, meaning you can find him telling old stories in the Sky Pavilion of Santa’s early journeys delivering presents to children in need and the magic of Santa’s Village. Other times you can find him singing a song with one of the princesses. On very special occasions, the King of the Northwoods will perform the Knighting Ceremony in the Village where guests can become honorary Knights of the NorthWoods!
Northwoods Characters - Princess Sugarplum - SkyPark at Santa's Village

Princess Sugarplum, or Princess Sugar as her friends like to call her, was born to the King and Queen of Sweets, who rule over the Land of Sweets, a remarkable place that is just a hop, skip, and a jump from the North Star! Princess Sugar and the Elves from the Land of Sweets play a very important and tasty role in spreading the holiday spirit and Christmas cheer. Growing up, her favorite pastimes were helping the Queen create delicious goods and tending to her candy garden. These pastimes have followed her throughout her youth and now she loves to share these pastimes with the Elves and Santa’s guests. You might find Princess Sugar in K’s Kandyshoppe in the Village. The Kandyshoppe is her favorite place to be, learning and collaborating with the candy Elves as they develop new and tasty inventions for children all over the world during the holiday season. She always has a kind word or a special song to share with all of her friends around Santa’s Village. In fact, one of her favorite things to do is sing songs all day long! She is known as the sweetest princess in all the land and looks over the candy Elves from the Land of Sweets. She makes sure they are on top of their game when helping Santa deliver Candy Canes, Sugar Plums, and all sorts of other special treats to Good Girls and Boys. Princess Sugar is very sweet to the elves and loves to encourage camaraderie among them. The candy Elves are some of her best friends. She inducts happiness to all the children with her bright smile and rosy cheeks. Her positive energy is contagious around the Village. Guests can’t help but to smile whenever they’re around her!

Northwoods Characters - Evie - SkyPark at Santa's Village

Princess Evergreen, or Evi, as her friends and family like to call her, was born to the King and Queen of the Northwoods on a beautiful morning of the first day of Winter. She was born with a full head of hair that was as red as poinsettia leaves – her mother Wisdom’s favorite plant. The King and Queen named her Evi after the Evergreen trees that cover the landscape of the Northwoods. She learned everything about the nature within the Northwoods from her mother Wisdom. Just after her tenth birthday, on a very special Christmas morning, her father Celwyn bestowed a great gift upon her. He gifted her a bow that was handcrafted by the Woodland Elves. Evi was so excited that tears started bursting from her eyes. She decided to name her bow “Hollyfrost.” Soon, Evi and Hollyfrost became one. They were inseparable. Evi trained with her father night and day. When she got knocked down, she stood right back up. Soon enough she was a pro! She became a master hunter, ranger and protector of the Northwoods. Santa put Evi and his trusted pup Arrow, in charge of being guardians of the Northwoods. They both love being out in the forest scouting and patrolling. Although Princess Evi is fiercely protective of the forest and its creatures, she is also very excited that Santa has invited families to come enjoy his adventure park. Santa and the Elves build Evi new arrows every year and she is always so grateful. She loves her home and tries very hard to make it as fun as she can for all the children and their families who come to visit. Princess Evergreen loves to teach about the environment and how we can protect the woodlands for future generations.

Northwoods Characters - Tree - SkyPark at Santa's Village
Twinkle the Christmas Tree is always the life of the party! She is Santa Claus’s very own animated Christmas Tree. Twinkle loves to keep Santa and Mrs. Claus company throughout the holidays. He brought Twinkle to life many years ago to light up Santa’s Village and add more holiday spirit to their home. Santa and Mrs. Claus love Twinkle very much. Twinkle is always eager to meet guests in the Village. She also entertains herself by hanging out with her friends Rudolph, Santa’s most trusted reindeer, and Frosty, the Village’s favorite snowman. All three of them like to hang out and explore Santa’s Village on their downtime. Twinkle loves to throw parties and attend them too, and everyone in Santa’s Village agrees that she is the most fun to have around! Her favorite thing to do around the Village during the holidays is to attend the lighting of the Village tree, who just so happens to be her father. She waits all year for this event. She loves to jingle all around the Village when meeting new guests and they love to sing and dance around her! Make sure you keep a lookout for her, because she’s very hard to find.
Northwoods Characters - CJ Kufflebug - SkyPark at Santa's Village
This Elfin merrymaker has lived in the Northwoods for a very long time. In fact, CJ Kufflebug has been calling the Northwoods her home since before Santa and his brother Celwyn arrived in the forest. Rumor has it that the Kuffelbug family used to rule the land until Lord and Lady Winter discovered the Northwoods and started ruling. CJ is Santa’s beloved Elfin friend and the official ambassador of the Elves. She comes from the highest rank of leaders and helps Santa and the Elves plan out all of the activities around the Village. CJ loves to get everyone around the Village as involved with each other as they can. She promotes camaraderie, not only among the Elves, but among guests too. She is often seen hanging out with Princess Evergreen, daughter of the King and Queen of the Northwoods. They both spend a lot of their time teaching guests about the nature of the Northwoods. CJ’s favorite area of the Village she likes to share about is the Fantasy Forest Trail. She is very involved in the forest and she can answer any question anyone has about her home. CJ loves to tell the story of the 12 Days of Christmas during the holiday season. In fact, she puts a fun little twist on it and tells the story through several kid-friendly yoga poses. She loves to tell guests the story of how Santa saved her from her encounter with a bear!
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