Our Silver Bells Arena transforms into a beautiful skating pond during the winter months. The whole family can borrow some Skypark skates and start a new Christmas tradition. There’s a reason that so many Christmas carols talk about skating. It’s one of the best ways to make magical Yuletide memories – especially in a beautiful, boutique rink wreathed in pine trees. Night skating is also available certain evenings, giving you a magnificent view of the stars as you speed and twirl over the ice. Our Adventure Elves are always there to lend a hand to skaters who would like some assistance or pointers.

Please note: Rental skates are provided though thick socks are recommended for the most comfortable experience. Visitors are welcome to bring their own skates.

Keep an eye on the Events page for other special occasions and celebrations in the Arena.

LA Follies performs “The Golden Age of Christmas” at the arena December 19-24 at 4p, 4pm and 5pm.

Guest Must Be
  • Able to Walk Competently
Safety Equipment
  • None
Age of Interest
  • 2 Years of Age and Older
Park Map