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Santa’s Village Entertainment is a non stop, never ending Christmas party! Interactive Christmas Shows, the Elves Dance Party, Storytelling by Santa, meet the Santa’s Village Characters, Cookie Decorating, Mrs. Claus’ Storytime and Tea Party and Breakfast with Santa.

Mrs. Claus’ Tea Party
There is always fun to be had when Mrs. Claus is in charge! Join her and her elf friends for a fun filled afternoon of dress up, stories, and good eats. Mrs. Claus has the most fabulous collection of tea cups and tea pots for this special occasion. Mrs. Claus will serve a variety of teas, tea sandwiches, and special treats all prepared in your honor!
Thursday-Sundays 1:00PM & 3:00PM. $15 Per Person.

Breakfast with Santa
Enjoy a fun filled Breakfast with Santa and his elves in his own private dining room. Good Girls and Boys will enjoy a buffet breakfast with all of Santa’s favorites. They will also have time to visit with Santa and take photos.
Click Buy Tickets for available dates. 10:00AM. $25 Per Person.

meet the characters

Have you ever wondered about how Santa found the magical NorthWoods where the North Pole resides? Santa has lots of elves to help him with the Big Night but what about Santa’s other friends? Santa has many friends and family in the NorthWoods…

Many thousands of years ago, there lived a man called Nicholas who spent most of his life giving of his wealth to those in need. Most of his donations were given in secret and the recipients were never to know who had been so kind to them. Stories of Saint Nicholas spread far and wide and reached the homes of the Elves. The wise Elves decided that they should carry on the good work of Saint Nicholas. The wise Elves met a toymaker who was also named Nicholas who very much embodied the spirit of Saint Nicholas. This toymaker was already busy delivering surprise gifts to children. The Elves called him Saint Nick.

The Elves of the Northwoods wondered how they could help him deliver to as many children as possible in one night. They suggested he call on the magic reindeer of the Northwoods forest. The reindeer embraced the idea and suggested a sleigh which they would pull as they flew him magically around the earth. The chimney was decided as a great secret way to bring gifts in to the homes. Many people left their socks drying over the fireplace and Santa Claus loved to pop special treats in the socks to surprise all the next day.

The stories of Saint Nick soon spread around the world. Families told stories of the “Jolly Old Elf” – a book was written about him called “The Night Before Christmas” and children wondered at the tales of his flying reindeer. Many different countries gave this secret gift giver different names and loved to share tales of his gift giving. He soon became known by many as Santa Claus. Children from all across the world started to send him letters. Many left them in the chimney for Santa to find.

Santa and his Elves realized that they would need to start early every year, making toys and learning about the latest trends and technology to be able to keep up with all the wishes and letters from across the world. The workshop Elves began work alongside the research Elves. Everyone was busy all year long at Santa’s Village.

Santa met and married a lovely artisan named Holly. She was known for her generosity to those in need. Her kind spirit is evident to all who met her. She became Mrs. Claus. She loves to prepare milk and cookies for the elves and tell them stories. She enjoys creating beauty out of everything she sees. She will often help the elves make craft in the workshop out items found in the forest. She loves to help in the Gingerbread Bakery and oversees what the bakers make in there. She sometimes holds special tea parties and cookie decorating classes for all the Good Girls and Boys.
Santa was walking in the NorthWoods one day when he spotted a magnificent white dog. The dog ran over to Santa and greeted him with a mischievous grin. Santa and Arrow became fast friends and Santa. Santa often sends Arrow out into the NorthWoods to call upon Celwyn Claus when he needs him. On the Big Night (Christmas Eve), Arrow helps Santa find his magic key so that he may enter homes who have no chimneys. This special key is hidden in the cave of Arrow’s Adventure and guarded by Sasha the Singing Spider.
Wilbur Weatherforce is Santa’s No. 1 Elf. He is in charge of all of the Village Elves and the production of toys. He is the postmaster at the Workshop Post Office and Santa’s Sleighmaster. You can often times see Wilbur with his magic walkie talkie organizing all of the Christmas cheer in the Village. He makes sure Santa’s sleigh is ready and prepped for The Big Night. He is the oldest of the Elves at the North Pole.
Celwyn is Santa’s brother and the Elfin King of the NorthWoods. The NorthWoods is where all of Santa’s Elves are from and where the Elfin King resides with his lovely wife Wisdom, the Queen of the NorthWoods. Celwyn makes sure that all of Santas’ Elves are well taken care of as well as their forest home. He is wise in the ways of forest care and believes every creature is important to the eco-system of the lands. Celwyn is also the Keeper of Stories for Santa. Often you will find him telling stories of old in the Sky Pavilion or singing a song with one of the princesses. He often times will perform the Knighting Ceremony in the Village where you may become an honorary Knight of the NorthWoods!
Princess Sugar is from the Land of Sweets which is a hop, skip, and a jump from the North Star. She is also an Elfin Princess.  The Elves from the Land of Sweets always make sure Christmas is special by helping Santa deliver Candy Canes, Sugar Plums, and special treats to Good Girls and Boys. Princess Sugar is very sweet herself and always has a kind word or a special song to share. Princess Sugar helps the candy elves develop new and tasty inventions for Santa’s Candy Shop in the Village.
Princess Evi is an Elfin princess and the daughter of the King and Queen of the NorthWoods. Princess Evi is of the Royal Elf Family. She is fiercely protective of the forest and its’ creatures but is excited that Santa has invited families to come enjoy his adventure park where they may learn more about how to protect the woodlands for future generations. Evi is in charge of Santa’s Christmas Trees in the NorthWoods.
Rudolph is Santa’s most trusted reindeer. He guides the sleigh on The Big Night so Santa can fly around the world and deliver presents. Often he is found in the Village area greeting guests but his favorite thing to do is explore the Northwoods with the rest of the reindeer. Keep yours eye wide open because you may catch a glimpse of the herd!
These are Mrs. Claus’ head bakers. They keep everyone happy by baking the most delicious treats and goodies for Santa and his visitors. They also love to decorate cookies and sing while they work.
The Queen of the Northwoods is gentle and kind. She helps Celwyn rule the Northwoods and manages all of the Elves’ needs. She is very knowledgeable in plants and trees. She helps Celwyn watch over the well being of the entire forest and its eco-systems. She has taught her daughter Evi everything she knows about the forest and its’ creatures and how to cherish them. Often you may find her on the Fantasy Forest Trail with some of her Elves.
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