The Golden Ticket Program is designed to accommodate guests with disabilities who may have difficulty waiting in lines for extended periods of time. Please note that the Golden Ticket does not grant immediate access to every attraction. Depending on the nature of the activity or ride, the guest with the Golden Ticket may need to wait for the guests who are already participating in the activity or ride to finish their turn.

  • The Golden Ticket must be used by the guest with the disability. Other members of the party may not use the Golden Ticket to bypass the line without them.
  • Only the number of guests authorized by SkyPark and indicated on the Golden Ticket may accompany the guest with the disability on each activity or ride.
  • Guests with the Golden Ticket must be able to demonstrate a willingness to participate and the ability to comply with verbal or written instructions.
  • The Golden Ticket may not be used to bypass the reservation system at Santa’s House. Guests wishing to visit Santa during the holiday season may request a reservation time in advance on the Pre-Travel Survey.
  • The Golden Ticket may not be used to bypass the lines at any of the restaurants or shops. Dining peak hours are 12:00pm – 3:00pm. In order to help reduce your wait times, we recommend ordering food before noon or after 3:00pm.
  • SkyPark staff may deny participation in an activity or ride to any guests if they believe it is unsafe based on the manufacturer’s guidelines.