Santa is near Lake Arrowhead! He is waiting to hear your Christmas wishes and give you a Christmas hug! The Jolly One enjoys visits from all good boys and girls in his cozy cabin. Come and experience the warmth and magic that surrounds Santa. Check out his mail box to send in your list, or write a sweet thank you note for the presents you received this past year. Inside, make sure to catch a glimpse of Santa’s throne and his desk – each hand-carved from timber found in the Northwoods. Relive old memories and make new ones that will last a lifetime. Professional photography is available, and families are welcome to take their own snapshots of these precious moments of Christmas magic.

Just outside Santa’s front door, feel the icy North Pole and watch it glow with the power of the Northern Lights. This pole marks Santa’s Village at Sky Park as part of the magical North Pole. Our small piece of this special arctic place was transported here to spread Christmas joy to all the boys and girls of Southern California year round.


Santa Claus in Santa's House - Things to do in Lake Arrowhead - Santa's Village

Many years ago, Lady Winter gave birth to a beautiful baby boy named Nicholas. He grew to be a very generous man. His greatest joy in life was helping less fortunate and giving whatever he could to make them happy. He was a true saint. So much so that those who received his generosity started referring to him as Saint Nicholas. Nicholas felt he wasn’t worthy of this title and so he adopted the name “Santa Claus” instead. Santa decided that he would travel from home to home, carrying presents in his sleigh during the most wonderful time of Winter. On Christmas Eve, or “The Big Night”, as he liked to call it, he delivered presents. He secretly slid down the chimney and sneaked presents into the children’s’ socks drying over the fireplace after a fun day of play in the snow. Joy filled their hearts and smiles crossed their faces when they woke up to surprises the next morning. Stories of Santa Claus and his flying reindeer spread around the world and a book was even written about him entitled “The Night Before Christmas”, explaining his wonderful journey through the night on Christmas Eve. Children from many different parts of the world began writing letters to Santa, leaving them in the chimney in hopes that Santa will come back and find them. You can find him in the Village around the holidays. You can even join Santa for a fun filled, whole hearted Breakfast Party! He loves interacting with guests around his village and providing a fun environment for all. When he isn’t busy building toys or planning out how to deliver presents more efficiently, he loves to sit with Mrs. Claus and his dog Arrow around the fire and share stories.

Santa can’t wait to see you!

He is available November 15 through January 6.


Mrs. Claus

One day, Santa took a short walk through the Northwoods when he discovered an artisan workshop. Inside he saw a beautiful, bubbly woman who he would soon make his wife. Holly, soon to be known as Mrs. Claus, was very kind to everyone she came across and was known as a generous woman among all her friends. Mrs. Claus was a master artisan who loved crafting and making things for her loved ones. She always though about those less fortunate than her and ways that she could make their lives a little more joyous. The Elves truly admire and look up to Mrs. Claus and think that she and Santa make the perfect team. Mrs. Claus is so grateful for her Elf family and all the work that they do to make Christmas special each year. She sits with them and tells stories of children from all over the world. She loves to work with the Elves, especially when they find objects in the forest that she can help transform into creative toys and projects. In fact, she loves crafting so much that she asked Santa if she could hold crafting workshops inside Santa’s Village. She wanted to provide special learning environments where children make creative Christmas decorations and crafts of their own. Mrs. Claus does everything she can to help the children have the best time. One of her favorite ways to spread cheer is helping the children decorate their letters to Santa. You can find her helping out in the Gingerbread House from time to time and hosting cookie decorating classes when she isn’t helping Santa and the Elves build toys!

(She loves when guests visit her in the Sky Trading Company and join her Tea Party, but make sure you reserve your spot because it tends to fill up quickly!)

Guest Must Be
  • Everyone
Safety Equipment
  • None
Age of Interest
  • Everyone
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